garden watering system

Since I have a garden regular watering is essential. But this can easily be automated with a micro controller. Here is a short description how the system is realized.

components used

Arduino Uno (or replacement)
12 V magnet valve
pressure sprayer, 5 l
flexible hoses, matching adapters
PIR sensor
IR receiver
TIP 120 transistor
(red) LED
1 kOhm resistor
12 V power supply
old (plastic) box
wooden lath, screws
soldering kit, small plate, cables

making it happen

Bring the components together as briefly depicted below.



The most time consuming is to find the proper hoses and adapters so that no water is leaking and the pressure lasts.

For the water output simple bend the end of a hose and prepare some holes with a hot needle.

the source code

Prepare this program for upload on the Arduino.


Adapt the code for your preferred IR remote control. It is possible to find out which codes they are with this example from an Arduino IR library.

how the system works
The red LED blinks several times when the system is powered on. The red LED is lighted when the water is running. The water runs when either the PIR sensor is activated for 5 s or as long as the matching remote control button was pressed.

The beautiful side effect of this watering system is that the neighbour cats suddenly decide to find another loo.

Of course there is no guarantee this description is free of bugs!