blinking bike helmet

A bike helmet could also light signal left and right on the push of a button. In the dark visibility is improved. As more and more car drivers don’t use their blinkers when changing directions it is also a nice statement.

components used
Adafruit Gemma
4 Neopixel
conductive thread, needle for sewing
small LiPo
two mini switches
hook-and-loop fastener
for testing: alligator clips

make it happen
Sew the components on fabric as shown on the pictures. Alternatively test everything using the alligator clips before sewing.


Important: the ‚data‘ thread of the neopixels should not continue below the pixels.

To place this on a helmet hook-and-loop fastener may be the right choice.

the source code
Load this program on the Adafruit Gemma. When the LiPo is powering the microcontroller push the switches to see either the left or the right LEDs blinking.


The source code is based on the works of Leah Buechley, 2008.

how it works

When one of the switches is pressed the two pixels beside blink 10 times (adjustable in the source code).


Please keep in mind that such an add on is never a replacement for proper lighting of the bike or showing your directions using your hands!

The Gemma and the Neopixels are also available in starter kits.

Of course there is no guarantee this description is free of bugs!